How to Get Your Lion’s Share Out of an Online Sex Dating Site

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If you’re looking to become more successful at the typical online sex dating site, you need to listen up. A lot of guys think that getting laid online is something they can do randomly. It’s as if they just join a website, fill out a profile, and all of a sudden all this pussy magically appears out of nowhere. Well, I’m not disputing the fact that a lot of so-called women will start messaging you. Don’t get too excited, however. Don’t get full of yourself because 99.9% of all those messages are fake.

That’s right. The system itself sent you that message so you can keep coming back again and again to the website until you make that website money. I know this sounds pathetic, I know this sounds sad, but this is exactly what’s going on with 99.9% of the guys trying their hand at getting lucky at the typical online sex dating site. If you want to be successful, pay attention to the following.

Be Light and Easy

The first thing that you need to do to maximize your success is to be light and easy. What I mean by that is you should not be desperate. Adopt a mindset of: if you get pussy, you get pussy. Keep it that simple. In other words, enjoy your journey.

Don’t get so caught up in banging as many different women at a website as possible because chances are, the more desperate you are, the more you will scare them away. This is true at the typical online sex dating site and this is true in real life. So don’t worry about it. Just have a good time.