Has Sex Swapping Gone Too Far?

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Everyone has heard of wife swapping and it’s a lot more fun than that old TV show that appropriated the term. But what about daughter swapping? In real life, I think I’d be uncomfortable with it. Anything goes in porn though!

Here is a Daughter Swap discount offer that is worth checking out if you don’t mind a little taboo in your XXX intake. It’s a very naughty site with a lot of unbelievable set ups, and cute teens and coeds letting much older men enjoy their pussy.

Best friends share a lot, and in the case of Daughter Swap, that includes fathers. In one scene, the girls got into some trouble and ended up in jail. Their dads went to bail them out, but decided they’d have to earn their release first. The men switched girls and had the babes down on their knees sucking cock through the cell bars.

Another scene has Melissa Moore and Riley Reid upset that they didn’t get to have sex on their prom night. They find out it’s because their dads scared their dates. So when they get home horny, they switch dads and demand that they get fucked.

It’s a crazy site!